Kyoto Lunch, Zakkoku Rice

Kyoto Lunch

Kyoto Lunch

I have been in Kyoto and was enjoying some very nice food both at lunch and dinner time. One of my favorite restaurants here is called Mumokuteki. The food is all organic, looks delicious and is very tasty.


雑穀米 Zakkoku rice

Zakkokumai or Zakkoku rice (雑穀米)means “mixed grain rice”. The mix I am eating has a reddish color. It may contain akamai (red rice) or maybe kuromai (black rice) in it.



Miso Soup

Miso Soup

It is probably best not to rest your chopsticks across the bowl, called watashi-bashi 渡し箸, unless you are signaling you have had enough and maybe didn’t like the meal. I certainly haven’t finished the meal in this photo, but just wanted to show off the nice grain of wood on the chopsticks.

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