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Conbini Monday Wk76

Figures of ONE PIECE.

There are not only foods, but also well-made figures at the convenience store.

Figures of Kamen Rider. Many boys hope to become them.
You can get interesting free gifts by buying JU-ROKU CHA.
Assorted YAKITORI. Please go to beer corner next!
ICHIBAN SAKURA(cherry blossoms) beer. I can hardly wait for seeing cherry blossoms.
If you can't hold your liquor, there are alcohol-free beer and cocktail.
Pasta served in cream sauce.

Large portion of salted cod roe pasta.
Japanese orthodox lunchbox called " Makubno-uchi".

YUZU powder. Have a hot yuzu drink after adding the powder in the water.
Curry UDON!
It looks like a jewely box.
Chocolate breads for Valentine's Day.

Chocolate pudding named "a little fiend chocolat".
I hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day with your significant other.

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