Naoshima, Shikoku

Naoshima is a small island in the Setonaikai. It takes 20 minutes by Ferry from Uno, near Okayama or 40 minutes from Takamatsu, Shikoku. The island has become well known recently for its many works of art, both inside and outside and is the centerpiece of the Setouchi Art Festival.
One of Kusama Yayoi's pumpkins sitting on the pier at Naoshima
Boats in the harbor at Naoshima
Looking out on a smaller island
You can go inside this red pumpkin which sits near the ferry terminal
The community bus that takes you from one side of the island to the other
The beach near Benesse House
Looking back at the hotel, Benesse House
Pumpkin and the bay
Pumpkin on a beach
I got up early to take the sunrise, but the weather was overcast
A great place to sit and relax looking out over the water
Getting ready to go for a swim
Benesse House
Time for a read of the paper
Lots of great art work in the park here
The architecture blends in with nature
Inside Benesse House, designed by Ando Takao
Trademark bare concrete with interesting light angles, by Ando-san
Pumpkin at night

Have you ever visited Naoshima?

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