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Honda Motorbike

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Honda Motorbike
I doubt this gets used for deliveries. It was well polished and took pride of place in the main counter area

On my recent trip to Shikoku, I stopped at Kojima for lunch before crossing the Seto Ohashi Bridge. The proprietor of a local restaurant asked me to take some photos of his Honda motorbike while I was waiting for him to make lunch. He told me this was one of the first model bikes that Honda had made when the company first got started.

Honda Motorbike
Quite a different styling to modern machines
Honda Motorbike
Still maintains some sleek lines
Honda Motorbike
Enthusiasts enjoy
Honda Motorbike
I think Honda first marketed machines under the Benly name and Honda as a sub brand?
Honda Motorbike
Some customers sitting in behind the motorbike at the counter
Honda Motorbike
climb aboard for a quick spin

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Have you ever owned or ridden a Honda motorbike?

  1. Neksus says

    Those old models looked better than today’s.

    Pure pride for the owner.

  2. perdomot says

    Totally agree that older style bikes had a sense of style lacking in modern designs. Same thing goes for cars really.

    1. Shibuya246 says

      Very very true indeed. Classic styles!

  3. salvidali says

    This looks like a CB750 . . . I had a CB500, a CB1100 and I still have a CB900 that is parked in a garage . . . the 900 will eat most any machine on the road today . . .

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