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Hawaii Style Lunch

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Pineapple Ice Tea
Pineapple Ice Tea

I was thinking of Hawaii at lunch time and decided to grab lunch at Kimuraya in the Ginza. They served up a pineapple ice tea which was delicious. I wish I was in Hawaii now !

Nice sandwiches to go with the tea
Nice sandwiches to go with the tea
Kimuraya Ginza
Kimuraya Ginza
  1. lithiumangel says

    I don’t like ice tea; but man the pinapple version sure looks yummy !

  2. Neksus says

    Sometimes you deserve a little something, best reason to stop with 30°C out 🙂
    That is really good looking!

  3. perdomot says

    On my last trip, I went to the Kua’Aina burger place on Odaiba which also has a Hawaii theme going. Had the avocado cheeseburger while listening to radio from Hawaii. Lots of fun and good burger.


    My mouth is watering just the mention of pineapple tea. Yum!

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