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I am in Australia at the moment and have been visiting my cat, Kiki.


Also, I got time to go the golf range. This is a great place to practice.

Royal Pines, Gold Coast, Australia

  1. perdomot says

    Glad to hear you’re OK. Thought you might have gotten stuck in some deserted combini store.LOL

  2. Orchid64 says

    She’s gorgeous. I’m full of envy!

  3. Neksus says

    We aren’t getting much conbini, but I guess he’s in for local beauties for us, ne shibuya-san?
    (at least it’s what I hope)

  4. Neksus says

    So the cat made you play 😉
    Powerful eyes!


    My cats looks just like Kiki. What a bunch of sweeties.

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