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Kutan, Narita Airport

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Kutan, Narita Airport
Kutan, Narita Airport

Coming back from Australia, I found this character at Narita Airport, on standby for photos with travelers. The cape looks a bit like a flyboy, but I’m not sure what the glasses are for?

Does your local airport have any theme characters like this?

  1. perdomot says

    When you show the pic, you can tell people that he was the pilot of the plane you flew in.LOL

    1. shibuya246 says


  2. Neksus says

    The closest airport in my area is Malpensa (MXP), and it’s dull.
    No mascots, and pickpockets 🙁


    My airport doesn’t have a theme but our local airline does. Frontier Airlines has a animal theme with animals decorating the plane and merchandise. Love it.

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