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Narita Airport Cleaning

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Narita Airport
Narita Airport

I am in Australia this week and have been without internet coverage for a while. Before leaving from Narita Airport last week I came across these great robot cleaning machines named Narita-kun and Epo-chan, for Narita Airport.

I should be back In Japan on Sunday night just in time for a conbini Monday.

  1. perdomot says

    I wonder which one the crossdressers have to use. Have fun down under mate!

  2. Neksus says

    Great idea, gives some fun to a boring work 🙂

    Good to have you back, after Lost ended I thought it would have been unbearable without Conbini mondays 😉

  3. Mali says

    loool these japanese!!! <3
    epo-chan has bananahair xDDD

  4. whipcracker says

    RT @shibuya246: Narita Airport Cleaning http://bit.ly/cHO38P A larger version of the ones they have for home use. Have missed your posts. I kinda thought something was odd not seeing any of your great features. and I doo seem to remember you stating that you would be going to Austrailia, but couldn’t remember when you were going. And we have all missed the Conbini Mondays. Hard to start the week without our snack fix. Hope you got some great photos to show everyone. Have a safe trip back.


    Thanks for checking in. We were worried about you. 😀

    1. shibuya246 says

      Thanks. I will be on the plane tomorrow 🙂

  6. lithiumangel says

    The cutest robots ever !

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