Route 246

Route 246, Shibuya

Route 246, Shibuya

A reader, exclusivejdm, sent me this picture via Twitter, they took driving down the Route 246 on their way to Numazu, Shizuoka. The Route stretches a long way out of Tokyo all the way down South to where you can get a good view of Mt Fuji.

Thanks for the photo.

Route 246

Route 246

You can read a bit more about this road that passes through Shibuya here and also see some more photos of it from wikimedia commons.

Route 246, in front of Shibuya station

Route 246, in front of Shibuya station

4 thoughts on “Route 246”

  1. santa says:

    this is the route 246 near my apartment.. 😛

  2. Neksus says:

    Funny tribute! 🙂

  3. Like Route 66 for us here in the usa except no lawn design.

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