A great place to get set up and paint for the day.
A great place to get set up and paint for the day.

Painting in Yamashita Koen

A great place to get set up and paint for the day.
A great place to get set up and paint for the day

I took a walk around Yamashita Koen in Yokohama today after having lunch at Chinatown. The park was teeming with people enjoying the start of Golden Week and the good weather. This gentleman was painting the scenery in the midst of it all.

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  • Nice capture here of this man enjoying a time in the park painting !
    When in Tokyo, I always stop by Yokohama 2-3 times for a change in pace (not to mention cannot resist the urge to go to the Ramen museum in Shin-Yokohama to slurp on different styles of absolutely delicious bowls of ramen; absolutely recommended and Japanese alike hang out there too so it’s not that much of a tourist trap :P) I love the long walk along the water front from Yamashita koen ; taking the promenade all the way to Minato Mirai.

  • RT @shibuya246: Painting in Yamashita Koen http://bit.ly/9EEiDt Looks like a great place to relax and unwind. I guess this is a good place as any to get back on the comment trail. But if you read our latest entry on our blog you’ll know why. People sure can be crule. 🙁 That night when all this was happening here and my wife was frantically trying to fix our problem. I was helping shibuya check out the problems with me trying to see his site. Using Facebook to corespond, and then going back to check to see if it got fixed was was making this ole head spin. Alan had a slight problem logging in this morning. I was able to load the page, but when I logged in I got the IE msg couldn’t access the site. tried to refresh, that didn’t work. So I closed the browser, and reloaded the page and it worked. Wonder if it’s still that stumbleupon button? Well as you can see i am back in YAYE!!!
    So look forward to me responding to the articles in a timely manner. 🙂 This seems to have been a week We’d like to forget…..
    Stop by the blog and see the little write up my wife did on you and Danny Choo.
    Well till Conbini Monday
    ja mata ne. 🙂