Hello Kitty Latte

Hello Kitty green tea latte

Hello Kitty green tea latte

Caught this signboard for the new Hello Kitty green tea latte drink at the convenience store. The packaging is fantastic.

Maccha Latte

  • Ma
  • cha
  • La
  • te

colalover25 says:

man hello kitty is one powerful business woman

Oh I have to have that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol lol

whipcracker says:

Hello Kitty Latte, Japan Food http://bit.ly/9095wz Another product for Hello Kitty to advertise for. And I love green tea. The price looks pretty reasonable also. Now all we need is a Rilakkuma sponsered latte. I would by that one w/out blinking an eye.

Sara Mari says:

I wanna try it!

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