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shibuya246 out and about in Shibuya with Rilakkuma

shibuya246 out and about in Shibuya with Rilakkuma

Just got tweeted about these great images that LifeYouTv has created with photoshop and uploaded to flickr.

Danny Choo the Tokyo Dance Trooper

Danny Choo the Tokyo Dance Trooper

Joseph Tame the Usagi runner

Joseph Tame the Usagi runner

Steve Nagata, the Gadget Man

Steve Nagata, the Gadget Man

Looks like the four of us are out of a scene from Heroes or maybe it is LOST ? Maybe we should make a movie. LOL.

LifeYouTv has plenty of great video content about Japan which can be found at LiveYou.tv.

Thanks for the profile pictures. They look great.

9 thoughts on “Japan Profiles”

  1. santa says:

    wow, nice ^^ thanks for the link to lifeyou.tv
    could do better if I had better original photos.
    The only good one is Danny’s pic.. since I made it my self with good light quality. Other on from me is your pic, but I took it in the tokyo.japantimes launch party with bad light quality ^^

    the others came from flickr, so small pic šŸ˜›

    If you want something realy good, I just need nice photos.. then I will try new technique on it when I have some free time šŸ˜‰

    Mata ne

  2. lithiumangel says:

    @Santa Heh ! Let me at Shibuya246 when I get to Japan in a few weeks ! Papparazi mode ! *LOL*
    @Shibuya245 : Awesome ! I also wrap the Nikon neckband around my hand too when I go out and about to avoid it getting in the way and just feels more secure that way; tough it’s totally not meant to do that haha.
    Speaking of straps; have you ever tought of an alternative one ? I’ve seen several alternative ones that look very handy. Like this R-Strap, read and check it here : http://digital-photography-school.com/r-strap-by-blackrapid-camera-strap-review I must say I am very intriuqed by it . Tough the price tag seems .. steep ?

    1. shibuya246 says:

      LOL. Catch me if you can šŸ˜‰

  3. perdomot says:

    Excellent photos of some cool guys! Hope to meet up with some of them when I visit next month.

  4. HELLOSHEENA says:

    That would never happen in the us. Love it.

  5. whipcracker says:

    Japan Profiles, Japan Living http://bit.ly/9QHS70 A cool perspective of the great bloggers of Japan. Thanks santa. That one of Joseph Tame is quite funny. He wore a pair of bunny ears while running the tokyo marathon last weekend. just how is this kind of picture done?

    1. santa says:

      well, thanks, glad you like it šŸ˜›

      to make this effect I used hum at least 30 layers.. on each photo
      the quality is quiet poor because I used small pic, and more then that, I saved it with 600px width only ( they are shown with 900px width here ^ )

      I will do some more if I can get better quality original photos šŸ˜›

      mata ne

  6. Kesenaitsumi says:

    Wow… Danny Looked like the bad guys ^^

    1. santa says:

      he s the only one who work for the dark side of the force either ^^

      seeing Danny allways smiling.. I wanted something different with this photo šŸ˜›

      But ok, next time I ll work on a photo of Danny I will place him in a fairy landscape, with rainbow and little ecchi figures running arround him, ok? šŸ˜€

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