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Hina Matsuri Cake

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Hinamatsuri Cake
Hinamatsuri Cake

Saw this delicious looking Hina Matsuri cake for sale at Buzzsearch Shinagawa. The price was Yen 1,680. What a wonderful day to celebrate the upcoming Dolls Festival on March 3rd.

What plans do you have for celebrating Hina Matsuri?

  1. Renechong says

    The cake looks so pretty! I wonder does it taste as good as it looks

    1. shibuya246 says

      It tasted really light and not too sweet.

  2. Neksus says

    I’m having my 3rd piece of cake right now… friends came over 🙂

    1. shibuya246 says

      3 pieces sounds good. Were they Japanese size pieces or big pieces?

  3. whipcracker says

    Hina Matsuri Cake, Japan Culture http://bit.ly/bbvtOL The decorations on those cakes makes it hard to eat them. Great craftsmanship.
    This is not celebrated in my neck of the woods, I live out in the country sorta, maybe if I lived closer to the asian community, in the dallas area I would have heard about it. It’s always a pleasure to see the different deserts that are made in Japan. seeing I just got up and all. Would have to wait for later in the day to enjoy.

  4. Andrea Watt says

    These cakes look just so soft and perfect in every way. They look as if they have been lovingly prepared right down to the Sakura petals in the foreground.

  5. janine says

    Those cakes are lovely~!

  6. Tristan says

    very cute


    Looks delicious!

  8. sama0711 says

    Wow they look nice ^^

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