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Kanji Quiz Toilet Paper

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Do you have have a passion to learn kanji on the toilet? What a strange question – but this item from Amazon makes me wonder if people do have this interest!

The mind boggles!!

Perhaps the quiz works and those studying Japanese find this a top class way of excelling in their language development. Who knows – but what a cool product!

  1. Neksus says

    Recieved my Jlpt certificate today.
    Quite in-subject matter here 🙂

    Great for extreme cramming!

    1. shibuya246 says

      Congratulations. That is great news.


    That is right up my…… alley. lol

  3. whipcracker says

    Kanji Quiz Toilet Paper, Japan Amazon http://bit.ly/cngrPl My 2 cents worth…
    “The Jobs Not Done Till The Paperworks Completed” Hehe, gives you something to read besides the regular magazine or newspaper. What are the kanji for these sorts of endevour. Could someone translate for me?

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