Electric Hybrid Eco Bicycle

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I am pondering over whether to go for an electric hybrid bike or not? This means it has a self-charge function that works while it is being ridden. It is part of the Sanyo “Gaia” be good to, or co-existence with the Earth philosophy.

Has anyone else got one of these bikes?

Your thoughts … what kind of bicycle do you ride? And finally, what of the price? Are electric hybrid bikes cheaper via Amazon Japan?

2 thoughts on “Electric Hybrid Eco Bicycle”

  1. tuneintokyo says:

    I rode an electric bike once. I was impressed with how easy it was to get cruising at a good speed with almost no effort. I prefer doing it the old fashioned way – you know, a little exercise! But if you’re a mom pushing two kids up and down hills… this bike is your friend.

    1. shibuya246 says:

      definitely agree. for the mom coming back from shopping with kids, this is the one for you.

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