Silicon Oven Gloves

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I purchased some silicon oven gloves over New Year and they have been brilliant!

I am planning to buy some more to give to my sister for her birthday – so if she reads this part of the blog …. the secret is out!

Has anyone else had experience with them?

I haven’t changed a hot light bulb with them yet …. but I have opened jars and am constantly using them in the kitchen for hot pans and dishes.

What an invention …. or even an innovation!! I love new kitchen products.

I suppose these gloves are not limited to Amazon Japan. Which other countries use silicon oven gloves?

Check out this last photo …. you can clean the gloves by putting them in the dishwasher …. now that is an amazing idea.

One thought on “Silicon Oven Gloves”

  1. Nick says:

    We use our oven as an extra cupboard, but they might make a nice present for my mum’s birthday next month. Thanks for the tip!

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