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What is in the box?

Answer – It is a wonderful gift idea from Hello Kitty ….

Although, it doesnt even have to be a gift – you could treat yourself.

This is really cute.

What do you think of the price – 6,930 yen? What is that in US at the moment? Do you think that is good value for 1GB?

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5 thoughts on “usb Hello Kitty”

  1. Renechong says:

    It’s so pretty! but 6930 yen is too expensive for a 1GB

  2. sorvani says:

    That is completely out of line for 1GB. A basic, 8GB drive is $20-$30. Adding character design and licensing should not make 1GB that expensive.

    conversion via
    Live rates at 2010.02.05 14:20:30 UTC
    6,930.00 JPY = 77.4762 USD
    1 JPY = 0.0111798 USD 1 USD = 89.4469 JPY

    1. shibuya246 says:

      There is obviously more money in brand characters than memory chips 😉

      1. kimonobox says:

        I agree …. the money in licensing the brand character must be good

    2. kimonobox says:

      Wow – this is really great feedback – thanks

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