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Rilakkuma Plush – French

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Wonderful Poster image of Rilakkuma and gang dressed up in their French outfits. Looks like they are plannng a party.

I saw on a website recently that a French outfit version of Rilakkuma plush was going to be available. The Tokyo Gift Show is on at the moment at Odaiba, Tokyo. Last year I went to the September Show and Rilakkuma made an appearance. I wonder if he will be dressed up this year differently?

This website has some great Rilakkuma products available through its Rakuten Store

Have you seen any interesting Rilakkuma plushes or other products recently?

  1. salvidali says

    Francaise !! so desu . . . Rilakkuma looks very debonair with his baggete and beret . . .

  2. salvidali says

    . . . maybe should be Apache version (with red & white stripe shirt and cravat), non ?


    I love Rilakkuma!!!

  4. whipcracker says

    RT @tweetmeme Rilakkuma Plush – French, Japan character goods http://bit.ly/aQIaef Merci,Rilakkuma really going international.
    Rilakkuma and the world domination tour. Now if only he would get popular over here in the states, that would be truly a 1up. Love the Little guy to death. Haven’t taken any french since back in 6th grade.

  5. alafista says

    French Rilakkuma I want!!!

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