Tokyo Day, London

The Official Site for Tokyo Day in London.

The Official Site for Tokyo Day in London.

I just found out that London is hosting an event called “Tokyo Day” this weekend. The event will be at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. It is sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and will be covering traditional and modern Japanese culture. Sounds like a mix of kimono’s and anime.

I was tipped off to the event by The Londonist website who used my Domo-kun photo to highlight the event. Thanks guys.

Domo-kun taken at Tokyo Station with iPhone.

Domo-kun taken at Tokyo Station with iPhone.

A lot of people ask me about using photos on the web or my flickr account. I am happy for the photos to be used as long as credit and a link are provided with the photo. If you could drop me a line to tell me as well it is appreciated, but you don’t have to.

You can get more information about Tokyo Day in London at the official website –

Do you often have events in your part of the world for Tokyo or Japan?

9 thoughts on “Tokyo Day, London”

  1. NekoLover says:

    Is this the Road to Domoland

  2. NekoLover says:

    We have Traditional Japanese Events here in Malaysia which is the Bon Odori . Its Held every year here and lots of other Traditional Japanese events .

    Of course , We have Anime events here as well ^_^

  3. Sara Mari says:

    I think that Europe is a bit more interested in Japan/Japanese culture in general than the US is. We have some events related to Japan here in Minnesota, but it’s usually geared towards anime. We do have a sister city program with Nagasaki, and in August they hold a o-bon matsuri which is fun.

  4. Stinakitsune says:

    In the Little Tokyo District in Los Angeles, CA, we have the Cherry Blossom festival in the spring but that’s really the only thing I can think of offhand. Everything else seems to just do general “Asian” events and kinda just glosses over everything.

  5. whipcracker says:

    Domokun seems to becoming quite popular it seems. Thanks to Shibuya.

  6. whipcracker says:

    RT @tweetmeme Tokyo Day, London, Japan Marketing | Shibuya246 Only if it’s a major holiday do we ever hear about it on tv. there is quite a large asian population in the DFW metroplex area.
    Have a great weekend. 🙂
    ja nae.

  7. shibuya246 says:

    Looks like no station before Tokyo. The domo-kun express must depart from Tokyo Station.

  8. HELLOSHEENA says:

    Wish they had Tokyo Day where I am. There is an interesting history in my state for the japanese. We also have a Cherry Blossom Festival every year and I actually won the raffle one of those years which was great!

  9. Deckster says:


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