Shiroi Koibito are on Amazon!

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These biscuits are my all-time favourites. They are just right – light wafers with white chocolate inside. One is never enough!

But I never knew that they were available on Amazon. This could be seriously harmful for my waistline!!

I always take a box (big box) with me when I go home and as a result I am the most popular member of the family! It must be because of the Shiroi Koibito biscuits.

Previously I used to buy them as gifts from Hokkaido – the home of Shiroi Koibito. (Take a look at the factory of Shiroi Koibito on this link. Even if you buy the biscuits online, you should try and get to the factory to see how these biscuits are made….. you can even bake your own biscuits at this place! Nice….)

Then I found Shiroi Koibito at Narita Airport next to the Royce Chocolate stand! Very handy…. now they are on Amazon….. I am pleased about this.

What kind of biscuits do you like? Are you a fan of Shiroi Koibito like me?
Do you take biscuits as a treat when you fly home for family gatherings?

6 thoughts on “Shiroi Koibito are on Amazon!”

  1. wallsky says:

    wow!! that’s my favorite too. just wondering .. possible to order it oversea ? *laugh*

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