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Momoko Dolls

Has anyone tried collecting Momoko Dolls?

Momoko was created in 2001. It was considered a small side project by a Japanese software company called Petworks. And three years later Petworks decided to pass the doll-making venture over to Sekiguchi a firm that has experience with doll making.

Sekiguchi altered the doll to suit the mass-market and priced it competitively priced with other fashion dolls.

The Momoko doll has a metal stand to make sure that she can be exhibited on a shelf but like most Asian fashion dolls, is also made with visible joints and good flexibility. The doll has all the great attributes of head rotation and joint movement etc.

Momoko outfits are varied. In this pick, I have shown Momoko in a winter outfit but she also wears typically Japanese school girl uniforms, bridal gowns, office style clothing, summer yukata, and a variety of other looks.

Have you got a favorite Momoko doll?

Any thoughts on Japanese dolls? Do you have a Momoko Doll? If you do upload the photo in the comment section so we can take a look.

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