Shinjuku skyline


View of Shinjuku from Shibuya

I took some photos from the Excel Hotel in Shibuya and had a go at pasting them together to make a panorama. It’s a bit shaky, but you get to see a wide shot of Tokyo from it.

View of Shinjuku from Shibuya

Can you see the mountain range in the background from this shot?

View from high up in Shibuya

Do you like to see the city from high up or down on the street?

looking back down

Eric77lv says:

Thats the TMG building right?

Renechong says:

I like to see the city from high up. These shots are really good ^^

AKB48Fan says:

Excellent photos. Is that a picture of Maki Horikita I see on the Shibuya 109 building? Talking about Shibuya 109, are there regular promotions by J-pop artists just outside the front entrance? I was fortunate to see Beni perform a song on a special stage set up in 2008 and was wondering if this sort of thing happens quite often.

shibuya246 says:

sure is. It was the last day before they replaced the poster with something else. Just caught it in time :)

salvidali says:

the last photo “looking back down” really shows how densely populated Tokyo is . . . a very dynamic place though. :D

shibuya246 says:

A little bit of pollution here?

salvidali says:

we have pollution here in the form of smoke from wood-burning stoves used for heating in the winter, it lays like a bluish gray haze every morning.

Neksus says:

I like this, how d’you get these ideas? Rilakkuma chakra stimulation??? :)
Or the japanese aura has unforeseeable effects? wwww

Night shots?
I know I always ask for crazy&hard stuff… but you often manage to supply us with too good stuff!

Thanks again.

shibuya246 says:

Thanks. I am glad you like it all :)

sorvani says:

I think this is the Opera City Tower. My wife worked for a company in this building before we moved to the US.

shibuya246 says:

well spotted. that does look like the Opera City Tower. I have only been up there once for dinner, a birthday surprise party, many years ago. I took this photo before Christmas when I visited the Park Hyatt for a meeting.

sorvani says:

There is a Jojoen ( on like the 32nd floor or so. One in Shibuya too. Love that place.

sorvani says:

People shots look better on the ground.

whipcracker says:

RT @tweetmeme Shinjuku skyline, Japan Shibuya | Shibuya246 I like the view from above and down below. It makes for different contrasts. Especially when you do the nighttime shots like you’ve done in the past. I especially liked the soccer match on the roof of was that the Nike or Addias bldg. I always wondered if the ball was ever kicked off the side of the building and down to the street?
Another set of great photos. :)

whipcracker says:

I sure can! What a great view. An amazing shot.

lithiumangel says:

Is this the concert hall at Yoyogi park ?

shibuya246 says:

sure is

shibuya246 says:

Lost in Translation’s Park Hyatt

shibuya246 says:

Disney Store in this building. Nice Chinese restaurant as well.

shibuya246 says:

Docomo Tower at Yoyogi


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