some very happy looking characters.
character goods

Rilakkuma 2010

some very happy looking characters

Forgot to post this on Monday. When I was at the Rilakkuma store I spotted this New Year decoration featuring the three main characters. Looks like the are ready for the New Year of the Tiger, 2010.

Found this at a convenience store but couldnt catch the right angle with the iPhone to get a good shot
Some of my shopping at the Rilakkuma Store Tokyo Station

The staff at the Rilakkuma Store were really helpful, and when I asked if photos were ok, they said “sure, go ahead”.

What do you have planned for the Year of the Tiger, 2010?

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  • ” Too much cuteness in the same time-space… Paradox in 9…8…7…6…5…fo- Ok paradox avoided. ”

    Going to start a rilakkuma breeding farm???

  • RT @tweetmeme Rilakkuma 2010, Japan character goods | Shibuya246 Wish my name was on one of those Rilakkumas. This article goes along w/a previous post you did Rilakkuma Year of Tiger, 2010. It’s good that you’ve built up a rapport w/this store for possible future articles, maybe a live stream next time? What type of rilakkuma product is in the photo? I couldn”t get the comment feature to work for these photos. Will have to see when B-Day rolls around this month if have extra $$. not holdin my breath though. Everyone that’s ordered a box will sure appreciate all the hard work you’ve done.

    • It might be New Year already, but Christmas might be coming a bit late this year to some of those who really wish for a Rilakkuma 😉 Boxes all went out yesterday. A small package was seen heading to TX as well.

  • Not sure if this is the right place to post this: Since you redesigned the site, all the blog posts appear on Google Reader as snippets only, and are not displayed in their entirety. Can this be fixed?

    • Thanks. I just changed this back to full excerpts. I had some complaints from a very upset person that the shibuya246 rss feed had broken his rss reader because the content was too long. I prefer to let people see the full content on the rss feed as they may want to go through the article offline. I am not sure what is the best compromise. 🙂