Best Toy 2009

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authorThis Amazon Japan Cool Pick was written by kimonobox

Is this the Best Toy for 2009 on Amazon Japan?
As a family we had a lot of giggles over this Cool Pick.

What do you do with it?

What a character!

What a character!

Has anyone purchased one of these?
Would you have voted it the no. 1 best seller of 2009?
Take a look through this link in Japanese to see the chart!

I was a little surprised I have to say.

Take a look. Would you buy one of these?

4 thoughts on “Best Toy 2009”

  1. whipcracker says:

    RT @Shibuya246: Best Toy 2009, Japan Amazon | Shibuya246 I think there is a smaller version of this figure also. Who ever thought a cardboard box figure would be popular. 🙂 Wouldn’t mind one my self.

  2. kimonobox says:

    Funny ! Yes isn’t it strange that he is so popular
    It sort of reminds me of that strange plasticine character from the 1970’s called morph….. but in cardboard and commercialised …

    Festive season greetings…. all the best for new year

  3. almostotaku says:

    [img]$!.jpg (Medium)-2.jpg[/img]

    I confess! I am addicted to Amazon. I have the Amazon prime membership through work, so it is hard to beat free shipping. And, usually their prices are very competitive.

    Right now I have the Yotsuba&! danboard figure on my desk. I think that is what inspired the Amazon version. I would love to get the Amazon one too.

    1. kimonobox says:

      I am thrilled to see your picture…. thanks so much …. another Amazon fan
      Good to hear …. I enjoy your comments on this corner ….

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