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When my kids were small, I put out lovely beech wood blocks for them to play with.

These blocks were handed down through the family.

Many of the relatives had played with them over time and we still have them for the younger members when they visit. They are still popular.

Lovely feel to cork
Cork Blocks! This is a little different to beech wood but the same concept. Toys that inspire and promote imagination

Shops don’t always sell the old-fashioned toys. So it is nice to find something different such as this cool pick on Amazon Japan.

The different textures and smell of cork are a wonderful introduction to children’s play environment. Sometimes it is nice to have toys that allow the child to express themselves in play rather than colours or sounds dictating the creativity. What do you think?

Really interesting shapes and ideas from cork
Really interesting shapes and ideas from cork

What old-fashioned toys do you have at your house?
Have you purchased cork blocks? What are you thoughts on this as an educational toy?

For more click here to Amazon Japan

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