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Wooden Keyboard

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Do you love wood and feel that there is too much plastic in your life?

I know that my father-in-law is crazy about wooden objects. He loves the look and feel and smell of wood.

So when I showed him this wooden keyboard recently he flipped!!! He wanted one straightaway!

What craftsmanship!
What craftsmanship!

Do you like wood enough to ditch your plastic keyboard in favour of something like this?
It is a bit of a talking point isn’t!

For more about this product, click here.

  1. almostotaku says

    Awesome keyboard, would definitely make a nice conversation piece. I like the Victorian flair of the steampunk keyboards too. http://bit.ly/65mkCL

    1. kimonobox says

      Thanks for sharing the steampunk keyboards … they are a great comparison

    2. shibuya246 says

      very cool

  2. tokyoso says

    Looks great, but how do you clean it?

    1. kimonobox says

      Good question …..

    2. micky2be says

      with a lighter

      1. shibuya246 says

        LOL 🙂

      2. tokyoso says

        geat, i was afraid you might suggest that you dont ever clean it

  3. xiaorongda says

    Cool keyboard. I would love to have one! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Renechong says

    The wooden keyboard looks really nice. I don’t mind getting one of those
    thanks for sharing ^^

  5. whipcracker says

    RT @Shibuya246: Wooden Keyboard, Japan Amazon | Shibuya246 http://bt.io/BYYo A nifty invention. You clean it very carefully, w/Qtips and polish to keep it shiny and bright. 🙂 I saw the pictures of the steampunk keyboards also what a neat invention.

  6. MarijnRongen says

    Like those, also the steampunk ones. I’ve seen bamboo-keyboards before, can’t remember where.
    I like materials like wood and metal, plastic often has a fake or cheap feel to it.

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