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USB Heated Gloves

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Link to Amazon Japan.

Is this product one that we could say “Only in Japan,” or have you seen these in your country?

They are gloves heated via your USB!

The cat glove warmed by the usb
The cat glove warmed by the usb

I havent bought a pair yet but would love to hear from someone who has.

Do they work? Click on here to find out.

Cute? Gimic? Effective against the cold?
Cute? Gimic? Effective against the cold?

What do you friends say about USB heated cat gloves?
Or have I got the wrong end of the stick? Find out more here, click on this link.

  1. kimonobox says

    Thanks for the RT’s on these hot usb cat gloves everyone!

  2. James says

    Pretty much a fail as far as gloves go though arent they? That whole “keeping your fingers” warm feature just seems somewhat lacking. Bubble-wrap would work better than this…

    1. kimonobox says

      Bubble wrap!!! LOL you might be on to something there! people can enjoy the popping while wearing them!

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