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Link to Amazon Japan.

This is really a Mini or is that Minnie ATM!

Excuse the pun!!

Miska Mouska! What a great find for Minnie Mouse fans!!

Miska Mouska!! What a great find for Minnie Mouse fans!!

I was shown this item on Amazon Japan by my teenage daughter.

She first of all wants a credit card !!
Answer is “not yet buddy”!
And second of all loves anything Disney!

Mickey has the cash!!

Mickey has the cash!!

Is this the perfect contraption for an aspiring teenager?
A personal ATM fashioned in Disney style. You can even choose – a Minnie or a Mickey ATM.

Have you ever dreamed about your own ATM?

Do you talk to your kids about the importance of savings and spending?
This is a really important issue that we tackle early on in our family.

Click on this link to learn more about a Minnie ATM.

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