Hot Fish Pancakes Please

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When I was a student at university in the 1980’s, one of my favourite foods was ‘taiyaki’ with red bean anko paste.

I would make the long journey from Mita campus all the way home thinking about the taiyaki/hot fish pancakes stand at Mitaka station.

Mitaka Station was different back then. The Pachinko were still there but there was a more rural feel to the station than there is today…. not that progress is a bad thing of course.

Do it yourself!

30 years on and it is 'do it yourself'!

The man who used to run the taiyaki stand at the bottom of the station was there everyday making the same hot fish pancakes with anko or custard paste inside. I always chose the hot anko!

I think back now and wonder how I could eat one everyday without getting bored of the same taste … but I never did. Every afternoon I bought a hot fish pancake with anko inside. Yum.

Well, I don’t eat taiyaki or anko everyday now … but when these hot fish pancake home sets came out I was keen to try one out and see if I was as good a taiyaki cook as the man at Mitaka station.

I am actually not the best cook at all and as such I get a lot of complaints !! but my taiyaki efforts always go down well.

This is how you do it - easy!

This is how you do it - easy!

Do you like taiyaki? What would you put in your home made taiyaki?
Some things take you back don’t they. Click on here to find out more about hot fish pancakes at your house!

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