DS Gachapin Protector

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A new case for the DS or DS Lite is a great idea for the stocking.
This year I got one of these for the DS Lite. ( Not for my DS Lite, but for a family member’s DS Lite)

Gachapin is cute! Hope that my family member who receives this agrees with me.

I am told that Gachapin’s character is a dinosaur born on the southern island.
He has a green body and is always 5 years old.

Wow, Gachapin’s age doesnt change…. wish I could say the same for me! Lucky Gachapin.
Find out more about Gachapin here.

Cute green case!

Cute case

Do you use a DS protector case?

I don’t have a DS Lite myself but I do have an i-phone and I have a case for that.
Hopefully it will save the i-phone from any mishaps….?

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