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Crunky Chocolate Jigsaw

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Do you love Crunky chocolate?

When I first came to Japan, I could never work out why they called it Crunky. It seemed a stranged name to give to the chocolate. Was it because it was a bit crunchy? Perhaps.

Over the years, Crunky has been purchased regularly by the family. Great for long or short journeys. Great for a treat with a good cup of coffee.

But this Amazon Japan product is perhaps even better than the original Crunky chocolate. You can stick it in your bag and bring it out time and time again for journeys. It is a brain teaser!

Perhaps it is not better than the original Crunky …. but it certainly provides a lot of fun for family events.

Test your IQ with Crunky!!
Test your IQ with Crunky!!

Click through to find more out about Crunky the puzzle.

Are you a crazy Crunky fan and have you tried this Crunky?

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