Nodame Cantabile Movie

Nodame Cantabile out in December

Nodame Cantabile out in December

The movie for Nodame Cantabile comes out on December 19, 2009. This popular anime, book and drama series created a boom for classical music in Japan and saw a number of live concerts take place that were quickly sold out. The movie is likely to be popular too, with Ueno Juri back as the leading lady and Tamaki Hiroshi back as well.

Here is the line up for the other movies on at the moment at the Shibuya Cine Tower, 渋谷シネタワー.

Movies coming up in Shibuya soon

Movies coming up in Shibuya soon

When the drama first came out I couldn’t wait each week to see what was in store next. If you missed the original TV series it might be worth getting some out on DVD. Here is a scene to bring back a few memories.

Here is a trailer from the upcoming movie:

Have you seen or read Nodame? What did you think?

7 thoughts on “Nodame Cantabile Movie”

  1. Neksus says:

    Had lots of fun when moving first steps into japanese language learning.
    Anime and live drama were funny.

    Fortunately it seems like subtitles come out as soon as the video is available 🙂

    This post to say that you’ll be going for lovely Ueno Juri?

    1. shibuya246 says:

      Better to learn without subtitles 🙂 I will be going to check out Ueno Juri on 19th Dec 8)

      1. Neksus says:

        Hehe 🙂

        When I was stuck on the two kanas, writing over and over to get them right, subs helped me enjoy them more.
        Now, unless some vocabulary or verb is out of my knowledge, I do get like 50% of the dialogues.

        That’s enormous to me! Maybe the 10th time of rewatching the drama helps…


  2. whipcracker says:

    RT @Shibuya246: Nodame Cantabile Movie, Japan Anime | Shibuya246
    I’ve heard of this one before, but never really followed it. I still need to use subbed versions, because it helps me pick out the differences in pronunciation and speech patterns. I’m just a slow learner, it takes me just a little bit longer to catch on.
    But this looks to be an enjoyable drama. Will look it up on the website My
    Have a great weekend.
    Boku no tomodachi 🙂

  3. HELLOSHEENA says:

    This reminded me of when Comcast had Asian American Television Network channel on their lineup but got rid of it a year or 2 ago. Programming was really good. I miss watching it.

  4. Azriel says:

    Would be lovely to see that Gyabooo~ and Gyabiiii~… I was reading the manga and subsequently the anime, its kind off addictive (o,~)

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