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Akita Komachi, 25 years

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Akita Komachi rice advertising on the Yamanote Line
Akita Komachi rice advertising on the Yamanote Line

The Akita Komachi brand of rice is 25 years old. Although its sometimes hard to distinguish between the different brands of rice, the Akita Komachi and Koshi Hikari brands stand out as two of the most well known and best loved rice.

Although the name says Akita from Akita-ken, the rice is grown in other prefectures as well. When they first started growing the rice 25 years ago, the plan was to use just materials from Akita-ken. They had a lot of assistance from Fukui-ken and so decided not to register the name as a trademark. With its popularity, other ken’s have now started growing Akita Komachi rice as well.

If the taste isn’t enough to convince you to buy it then maybe the character on the packaging will help

The promo says Akita Komachi rice brings up beautiful women. Nice!
The promo says Akita Komachi rice brings up beautiful women. Nice!
Akita Komachi rice character
Akita Komachi rice character

I have been eating Akita Komachi at home and prefer it to Koshi Hikari. My other favorite rice is the one served at Wako (tonaktsu store). Which type of rice do you like best?

Here is some more info on the Koshi Hikari rice
Koshihikari on Foodista

  1. Neksus says

    Nice poster, at least they didn’t use some manga/anime famous character.
    Sometimes keeping traditional things is good for the eye too.

  2. Azriel says

    As far as I can remember, they actually used Aoi Nishimata’s art…


    To be honest, I think they do well at using an image of a “normal” lady for the text “Akita Komachi rice brings up beautiful women” … ^^”

    By the way, sry for not commenting lately, I was out for a family meeting and it took much longer than i expected ^^…

    1. shibuya246 says

      Thanks for sharing the info. Hope your family meeting was enjoyable 🙂

  3. whipcracker says

    RT @Shibuya246: Akita Komachi, 25 years, Japan Food | Shibuya246 http://bt.io/ZXd
    Isn’t this the same brand of rice that was mentioned in a previous article? the one with the picture of the dog on front? Or is this another one? Over here the big selling companies are “Minute Rice” and “Uncles Bens” I prefere the minute rice. While on the subject of rice, I also like rice pilaf with w/brown rice,has a nutty flavor. Also do you like rice Pudding? I make mine with milk, sugar, cinnamon,nutmeg and a couple dashes of Rum, nom,nom,nom! 🙂

  4. NekoLover says

    I like My usual Malaysian Rice but Japanese Rice is quite good too .

  5. justsade says

    I use the Akita Komachi rice, its pretty yummy and fluffs up well in my rice maker. I hadn’t seen these ads on the Yamanote yet though, good eye.

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