Rilakkuma Pancakes

My Rilakkuma Pancake set newly acquired

My Rilakkuma Pancake set newly acquired

Time for a quick brekky, sitting down with Rilakkuma eating some pancakes. I bought this pancake shaper/maker on the net.

Here is the result of the Rilakkuma Pancake bakeoff

Here is the result of the Rilakkuma Pancake bakeoff

Now that I have my Rilakkuma inside me, its time to get some work done.

What do you like to have for breakfast? Have you ever eaten a Rilakkuma Pancake?

24 thoughts on “Rilakkuma Pancakes”

  1. sorvani says:

    I typically make pancakes about once a week and I always make at least one “Mickey Mouse” pancake. No shaper or anything. just pouring one big and two little pancakes into the pan carefully.

    I like this shaper though. Next time one of my in-laws ask me what I want from Japan I will have an answer.

  2. NekoLover says:

    A bear shape pancake looks delicious especially if you feed it with honey and butter . Bears do like Butter right ??

    1. shibuya246 says:

      havent met a bear yet who doesnt like his honey ^__^

  3. Renechong says:

    Hmm..usually I make those typical round pancakes. Never tried making any special shaped pan cakes
    would love to make a Rilakkuma one next time

    By the way, what’s that yellow container looking thing?

    1. shibuya246 says:

      the yellow thing is to make Rilakkuma shaped bread

  4. whipcracker says:

    RT @Shibuya246: Rilakkuma Pancakes, Japan Food | Shibuya246
    Yea, I was wondering what those yellow things are. Now Rilakkuma has it made, pancake shaper it’s a cool looking device. When I make pancakes it’s usually either blueberry or chocolate chip, then I put butter and syrup on em, yum yum!:))I bet you’ed like the way i make pancakes then I make a side of bacon and eggs to go with them.

    1. shibuya246 says:

      blueberry pancakes are my favorite type 🙂

  5. applel0ve says:

    Ohmy o.o I love it! I need a Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma shaped pan!
    Could you please share the link where you purchased it from? Thank you.
    I have the cookie cutter coming in the mail. Can’t wait to have kuma shaped cookies 😀

  6. xine says:

    Kawaii pancakes! I want one! ^^

  7. TheJoyFactor says:

    I SO want this! I don’t care if I’m a 26 year old vegan with no kids! I WANT THIS!! 🙂

  8. Soul_Storm says:

    Rilakkuma and pancakes, how perfect! Too bad I can’t understand Japanese to be able to order the pancake mold 🙁 Rilakkuma is my absolute favorite!

  9. glamasaurus says:

    Oh wow that is so cute. Now I want pancakes!

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