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Japanese Kakeibo (家計簿)

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Rilakkuma just one of the characters getting into the kakeibo business
Rilakkuma just one of the characters getting into the kakeibo business

Many Japanese housewives keep a record of the months spending in a book called a 家計簿 (kakeibo), housekeeping book. When they are out shopping they will keep the receipts and then tally them up in the kakeibo book. The books make it simple to work out how much money they need to save to meet the monthly budget.

The kakeibo are normally yearly planners so just like seeing the diaries go on sale early for next year, there is a big corner in the book stores for 2010 kakeibo at the moment.

Some books are quite plain, whilst others have character goods to spice them up, as well as tips for saving money and home recipes.

How do you look after your expenses? Do you keep an “housekeeping” expense book or just wing it?

  1. Renechong says

    I don’t have any kakeibo
    but if it’s a Rilakkuma one, I don’t mind recording my expenses everyday haha

  2. aivee.C says

    the rilakkuma kaikeibo is really cutee!
    i think that will motivate me to plan my monthly budget = )

  3. applel0ve says

    Cute! I don’t have a kakeibo but every year I buy a Rilakkuma schedulebook and I track my expenses there.

  4. Chlose says

    I should so that… Well, when the time comes for me to do that o.o


    Wow. And I just pull a piece of paper out of my printer for that. lol

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