Shibuya Rice

Shibuya Rice on Rakuten

Shibuya Rice on Rakuten

If you like your Japanese rice, then check out this Shibuya Rice. From the series where they took some Shibuya Gals out into the countryside and did some reality TV show style farming, you can now buy the rice on Rakuten.

One bag of 5kg costs 2,700 YEN.

Farming  girls from Shibuya

Farming girls from Shibuya

What is your favorite rice?

2 thoughts on “Shibuya Rice”

  1. whipcracker says:
    When i first saw the package of rice i said they’re using “Hachiko” for advertisment. But after translating thr Rakuten website it’s actually for the Akita Prefecture, where the rice comes from. How clever of them. Is this a correct assumption?
    Probably will feel good to be back in Japan, but now you’ll have to play “Catch UP” I’m sure Rilakkuma missed you while you were gone. He’ll have to help you get things sorted out. Does the Japanese postal service have a hold your mail till you get back option, like they have here in the states?

    1. shibuya246 says:

      yes, it is rice from Akita-ken. They had a tv series and sent some Shibuya Gals to the country, Akita-ken. Lots of catch up to be done. Rilakkuma held the fort down well. I didnt ask the postal service to hold mail since I dont get much (apart from email :)), but they do have a service for that.

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