Docomo Wooden Mobile

New wooden mobiles from Docomo

New wooden mobiles from Docomo

Docomo has released a wooden case mobile phone made from trees that are part of the more trees project that musician Sakamoto Ruyichi helped to form.

The two mobile phone brands shown here are Olympus and Sharp.

It sounds a bit like a retro product, but I don’t ever remember us having wooden mobiles before. I bet the ring town has a good echo on it.

You can see samples of these phones at the CEATEC JAPAN 2009 exhibition at Makuhari Messe (6th -10th October).

Would you be interested in owning a wooden mobile?

13 thoughts on “Docomo Wooden Mobile”

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  2. whipcracker says:

    RT @Shibuya246: Docomo Wooden Mobile, Japan Technology | Shibuya246 The brilliant minds in Japan would come up with something like this. I don’t know if I would try something like this, since all I’ve got is a Virgin Mobile phone.

  3. Trunks says:

    I’d be interested in owning one of those other Docomo cells outside of Japan. I heard the US is getting this privilege ^^

    1. shibuya246 says:

      I wonder if someone will produce an iPhone in wood as well?

  4. Azriel says:

    But its safe to have one when u are a brute human being like me?… i mean, in plastic cellphones when u smash it to the ground (accidentally, of course xD) depending on the brand, u will see a scratch or broken just in the corner of the case … In Wooden cellphones, i think the entire case will suffer damage … Don’t know, maybe its only plastic with a thin layer of wood…

    Leaving that aside, a wooden shell cellphone would be cool 😛

    1. shibuya246 says:

      If the wood is a soft type it may even cushion the blow?

  5. yonasu says:

    I’d be very much interested in the mobile on the left! I love wood, would like to have a laptop in wood^^

    1. shibuya246 says:

      Laptop in wood. that is a great idea.

  6. PocketBookReader says:

    Little offtop: does anybody know where folks in Japan discuss ebooks and everything ebookish online? Forums, blogs, chats?
    I’d appreciate it very much if somebody replies directly my email:

    1. shibuya246 says:

      not sure of a forum. kimonobox was talking about ebooks a while back

  7. Sakakikala says:

    I was actually thinking of buying one of those bamboo based cellphones that you hand-crank to charge. =3
    buttttttt…. I dunno where to get one! T^T

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