Gundam Wedding

The Gundam project at Odaiba is now set for a wedding.

The Wedding Planning company, T&G (Take & Give) have a special wedding ceremony planned for one lucky couple on Tuesday 25th August (8:45pm). The couple were picked from 548 entries in July.

Gundam at Night
Gundam at Night
Gundam at Odaiba set for a wedding
Gundam at Odaiba set for a wedding

The last wedding I posted about was a Tsutaya created Theater Wedding. Maybe if Gundam and Tsutaya got together we could see “Gundam Wedding” the Movie on the big screen.

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  1. What camera was use to take this pics. Excellent pic.

  2. RT @Shibuya246: Gundam Wedding, Japan Marketing | Shibuya246
    And then he could have Gigantor as a Best Man-Robot. :)

  3. Why is it called 1.1 scale? What metric system is this?

    • I think the 1:1 scale means that it is a real size (100% size) representation of the Gundam.

      Just like on a map where you might see the scale say 1:25, the real world would be 25 times the size of the map representation.

  4. Wow! as a huge fan of anime, particularly Gundam, I can’t believe this actually is going to happen.

    • Well it sure did happen. I just got back from it. Will post the photos shortly. They were hard to take with so many people all focused on taking a shot of the couple. :)

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