UQ WiMAX at Tokyo Station

UQ WiMAX at Tokyo Station

UQ WiMAX is a relatively new service that is offering high speed wireless broadband to areas around Japan. Currently the service is limited to major metropolitan areas such as Tokyo, Osaka but it is increasing its coverage and aims to have 90% of Japan’s population by 2012.

speeds of up to 40Mbps

speeds of up to 40Mbps

Speeds of up to 40Mbps download and 10Mbps uploading are being advertised. For a wireless service this is pretty good ! Most people on a fixed line ADSL or even cable may not be getting this speed.

If you are on the move and need to get information back to your office or just want to surf the web, then WiMAX may be a good service to look into.

Flat rate, plug into USB port

Flat rate, plug into USB port

The payment is fixed at YEN 4,480 per month. You can connect your computer up to the WiMAX network via a USB key. If your company has an account and different employees travel regularly, no doubt you can sure the USB key around based on your travel schedules.

2 broadband choices at Tokyo Station

2 broadband choices at Tokyo Station

Another service that has been growing in size in Tokyo and other areas is the Yahoo BB Mobile network. This is also available at Tokyo station and many other stations.

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4 thoughts on “WiMAX”

  1. Haf says:

    Sounds interesting. Are there any practical and economical WLAN solutions for the greater Tokyo/Kanto area? What about UMTS, any economic plans available?

    In Germany, UMTS data plans are still ridiculously expensive, at the same time mobile providers are wondering why people are not accessing the internet on their mobile devices. Duh.

  2. x3magic says:

    there’s a similar service from Wi2 that offers 300M+ wireless access. They are having promotion now, check out the link

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