Ginza Weekend Walk

Great way to walk down the Ginza

Great way to walk down the Ginza

Ginza on a Sunday is one of the few places left to experience Hokousha-tengoku (歩行者天国), literally meaning ‘pedestrians paradise’, on a major Tokyo street area. There used to be a very popular one at Harajuku until some years ago when the cars beat the pedestrians out.

Busy streets

Busy streets

歩行者天国 Hokousha-tengoku

歩行者天国 Hokousha-tengoku

The Wako Building is a landmark in the Ginza with its clock a symbol of the area.

Wako Building clock

Wako Building clock

5th Street, 五番街, is a stylish street for shoppers.

Ginza West Go-Ban-Gai (5th Street)

Ginza West Go-Ban-Gai (5th Street)

Once I get well again I will hit the Ginza streets and show you some of the fashions and hot spots. If you are in Tokyo and want to get a feeling of openness and shopping in a large outside mall, then Ginza on a Sunday is worth a visit.

6 thoughts on “Ginza Weekend Walk”

  1. whipcracker says:

    The lovely sites of Ginza. Is’nt ginza a Red Light district after dark or am I wrong? I don’t know why the big city of Dallas could’nt do the same thing for the people there. Do all the districts in Japan do this on Sundays? yeah get better and will look forward to the indepth reporting that you do.
    Take care and do whatever it takes to get you through this. Can’t imagine what that feels like=”Big Ouch!”
    Jaa Ne

    1. shibuya246 says:

      There are a lot of drinking clubs at the Ginza which come to life after work, but its not red light district. You probably need to find Kabukicho in Shinjuku or head out to Yoshiwara for the red light action. 🙂

      There are other areas that have Hokousha-tengoku but they are slowly disappearing.

  2. Ray says:

    Thanks a lot for your pictures, not just Ginza but also Shibuya and other areas. I had a couple of extended stays in Tokyo, working from my company’s Tokyo office in the Cerulean Towers, so I spent a lot of time walking around Shibuya after work. Your pictures bring back great memories. Thanks!

    1. shibuya246 says:

      You’re most welcome. I am based just behind Cerulean Towers in Sakuragaoka-cho. It’s nice to be so close to the action but also in a quieter part of town 🙂

      I will get out more shortly with pictures from other areas as well.

  3. Ryan says:

    Cracking pictures, and nice to see that the pedestrians are winning out for a change! Get well soon by the way, hope it’s nothing too horrible.

  4. Sky7 says:

    I always have to hit the Sony building when in Ginza.


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