Pet Toilet Paper

Charitissue Toilet Paper

Charitissue Toilet Paper

Ever wanted your own custom toilet paper. How about putting pictures of your pet on a roll of your own? In Japan, thanks to azfit, that is exactly what you can do with Charittisue (charity tissue) チャリティッシュ.

You can send in your entry to have your drawing and story about your own pet put on the next set of rolls to be sold by azfit in their Charittisue series. Part of the proceeds from the toilet roll sales go to the non profit organization, Japan Blind Dogs.

Pet Cat

Pet Cat

This roll above says that their pet cat, Torami (トアミ) is always finding place to hide and sleep.

someones pet dog

someones pet dog

or if you prefer to get out in the hot summer and enjoy a festival with fireworks, there is always the Happy Festival Toilet Paper.

Happy Fesival Toilet Paper

Happy Fesival Toilet Paper

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2 thoughts on “Pet Toilet Paper”

  1. whipcracker says:

    RT @Shibuya246: Pet Toilet Paper | Japan | Shibuya246 Why is it only in Japan you find products like these? You’d think with all the advertising agencys here in the states someone could come up with wacky things like this.
    This is just another thing to make my love for Japan grow deeper and deeper every day. Great find=epic win 🙂 Need Rilakkuma TP. Procter&Gamble uses bears in their CM’s

    1. shibuya246 says:

      This is certainly a good marketing idea and involves the local community in the product.

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