Rilakkuma PC Netbook

Rilakkuma mini notebook PC

Rilakkuma mini notebook PC

Bandai Networks has released a notebook PC for kids based on the popular San-x character, Rilakkuma.

More Rilakkuma information here from shibuya246 site.

The notebook is powered by an Atom N270 (1.6GHz) CPU, with 1GB of RAM and a 160GB of HDD. The screen is 8.9” in size with a 1024×600 resolution. It has a 1 seg digital TV tuner built in as well as LAN, wireless support and a web camera. The operating system is Windows XP Home edition

case for the Rilakkuma machine

top cover of the Rilakkuma machine

case for the Rilakkuma machine

case for the Rilakkuma machine

The Rilakkuma Mobile Note PC will only be sold in Japan. Orders are able to made from today on via LalaBit Market’s online store with a price tag of YEN 79,800.

The Rilakkuma Notebook is in addition to the February 2009 release of the Gachapin Notebook with similar specs. Both of these machines are limited release models.

Gachapin Mini notebook

Gachapin Mini notebook

Would you buy a character branded PC? Which character would you buy?

Thanks to Baka Brain on Twitter for tipping me off about this PC release. Much appreciated.

19 thoughts on “Rilakkuma PC Netbook”

  1. Yoj says:

    OMG I want the Rilakkuma PC Notebook…

    No, I NEED IT! XD

  2. Ryan says:

    Love it! Shame it’s not a Mac though.

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  4. whipcracker says:

    A new product for Rilakkuma to endorse=EPIC WIN! Now he needs to get his own blog,you'll have to help him right? I'll be the first to sign up. Rilakkuma: World Dominator! To bad it's only available in Japan though. I still want one though.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ja mata ne

    1. Shibuya246 says:

      I think it will be limited to 500 units so it's going to sell fast. Maybe a Rillakuma theme you can download for windows would be good.

      1. Numer0bis says:

        yeah a rillakuma theme would be great. I like the case, if it could be purchased separately I would order it straight away. However i think 79000 ¥ for a netbook is a little bit expensive even if its a limited edition, don't you think so?

        1. Shibuya246 says:

          Limited editions are always going to be a little bit more expensive. The specs sound pretty ok, but under $500 would be a good price point

  5. whipcracker says:

    That sounds like a winner for me. Anything for Rilakkuma

    1. Shibuya246 says:

      Hello Kitty keeps selling and selling. Great brand 🙂

  6. Fujix says:

    New UMPC featuring Ko-rilakkuma has been announced. Now supporting tablet functions!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I really want it… Rilakkuma lovers…

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