Visitor numbers for, June 2009
Site Review

Site Review, Jun 2009

I am a little bit behind in providing the site review for this month. It is a good exercise to review the site consistently so that the content and presentation continue to improve.

It looks like traffic is steadily picking up with a total of 24,655 unique visitors for the month, averaging 822 per day. The spike in traffic you can see on the graph is when the article on Battle Underwear was featured on BoingBoing and reddit at the same time.

Visitor numbers for, June 2009
Visitor numbers for shibuya246com June 2009

Browser Type

Browser Stats, June 09 for
Browser Stats June 09 for shibuya246com

Operating System, Browser combination

OS / Browser Stats, June 09 for
OS Browser Stats June 09 for shibuya246com

Screen Resolution

Screen Resolution Stats, June 09 for
Screen Resolution Stats June 09 for shibuya246com

It looks like we still have a majority of users with FireFox as their preferred browser. I am also using FireFox at home and using an iphone when out.

There is still a good percentage of viewers wth a Safari / Mac combination and more with FF/Mac. I will probably purchase a Macintosh later in the year.

I made a number of changes to the site towards the end of June, including reducing the top banner header of the site. The purpose of this was to assist viewers who had screen heights of 768 or 800 pixels.

From the data you can see that the 768 or 800 pixel height screens are over 40%. I hope the redesign provides a better experience on the site and that it is easier to find content.

I also increased the width of the site to 990px and took away the left-right borders so that photos can be wider.

New elements in the site coming up are wider, bigger photos as a feature and an ‘interesting videos’ section.

Ideas, Comments
If you have any ideas and comments for the design, layout or content for the site, let me know. is always looking to improve and provide great content for its loyal viewers. Thanks to you all.


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