Solar Bear turns commercial
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Solar Bear

Solar Bear turns commercial
Solar Bear turns commercial

Solar Bear has now moved from being just a plastic model warning us about the threat of global warming, to having his own line of global products on the way.

I found this ice cooler package ‘Solar Bear’ at a store today. This is produced by Honyaradoh company (ほんやら堂) who carry a number of cute characters in their catalog lineup.

You keep the gel portion of this in your freezer and then insert it into Solar Bear’s back pouch before using on hot summer nights, or if your children have a temperature.

Ice cooler good for hot summer months
Ice cooler good for hot summer months

The previous post, back in March 2009, shows the link for the official Solar Bear website, which has since been updated with more activity for Solar Bear (そらべあ).

Solar Bear at Odaiba
Solar Bear at Odaiba

Does anyone know why the teardrop got switched from the left eye to his right ?

There is also now an official Solar Bear blog (Japanese only).

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  • I posted a comment last night but i don't think it went through,so i'll try this again.:S I went to the Japanese website and used Babelfish to try and translate it but it didn't work. from the website and the other picture it looks like the little bear is where the tear has changed. Other than that everything else is the same. Or am I missing something? They are a cute pair, But tell Rilakkuma that he is still # 1 in my book!:D
    Btw would you happen to know of another traanslating program to use,till i can master the japanese language?
    Till conbini monday,
    Jamata ne

  • lol global warming bear.
    Anything can go commercial. Hopefully the money will be going towards the cause….

    The hockey team in Orlando, FLA are called the Solar Bears ha