Shibuya Videos

Three really nice videos here of the Shibuya area from eleven23

Shibuya In May from eleven23 on Vimeo.

Shibuya May 23 2009 from eleven23 on Vimeo.

Shibuya Timelapse Test from eleven23 on Vimeo.

There are more videos of other areas in Tokyo, including Ginza, Roppoingi, Ikeubukuro and Yurikamome Line going to Odaiba from eleven23 which are equally as good.

and a really cool time-lapse video from orebun / nubero on YouTube. Thanks to Danny Choo for pointing this one out on Twitter @DannyChoo.

For those who maybe used to live in Japan but don’t anymore, I am sure that last video will have you wishing you could get back here.

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  • wonderful videos. I love those time lapses. Moreover the background music from the videos from shibuya is really wonderful

    • Even living in Shibuya, these videos make great watching. Today's weather was a brilliant sea breeze coming through town. I felt like the entire city was covered with grass

  • Those are some pricless videos you have there, All the different expressions of the people especially in the first video. Starting in slow motion with the people on that bridge or is it called a walk way? I wonder what that guy was looking at or thinking about. What a great country you live in. Enjoy it while you can. Live each day to it's fullest and do the best you can.:)

    • elevn23 really put some great videos together. I will have to take a HD camera out and capture some as well. 🙂 The city is very photogenic. 🙂

      • I'm trying to gather as much info on shibuya as possible, would really love to live there. Do you know of places I could get brochures or maps of the area without having to download any? I like hard copies.