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Classic Mercedes

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A claasic Mercedes vehicle
A claasic Mercedes vehicle

Found this classic Mercedes car on the street yesterday. I asked the owner if he would let me take a picture. He was kind enough to say yes, but I didn’t feel I could ask him to drive down the street away from the lamp post.

  1. Ryan says

    Great looking car! Do you get many like this in Shibuya?

    1. Shibuya246 says

      I haven't seen many. Normally it's more like Ferraris and Porches πŸ™‚

  2. Shane says

    I think this might be the car used by The Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo. It looks very similar and there can't be too many of these cars driving around the city right? See what you think:


    1. Shibuya246 says

      nice match. I'm not sure it is the same one, but a ride in the Peninsula Hotel vehicle would soon help me decide. B)

  3. Numer0bis says

    what a car. You even rarely see those in Germany, if at all. So I am really surprised you can find one of those in Japan πŸ˜€

    1. Shibuya246 says

      Yes, as soon as I spotted it, I thought it was quite rare.

  4. whipcracker says

    Man only for the lap of luxury,lol. But it would be nice to spend maybe 1 day at a hotel offering that kind of service. So if you see Ferraris and Porches is that the norm? Was reading about the hotel Shane posted and you folks even have your own version of the american "Rodeo Drive" Great looking car btw.

    1. Shibuya246 says

      That hotel is pretty nice. I think Shane has some more info about it on her site http://www.nihonsun.com/

  5. coolio says

    "You even rarely see those in Germany, if at all."
    Haha, no wonder. It's not a Benz and far away from classic.
    It's just a crappy copy made in the US, named "Excalibur".

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