Rilakkuma spotted at station

Rilakkuma getting ready to board the next train

Rilakkuma getting ready to board the next train

Saw these 2 guys waiting for the train at Shinkiba station (新木場). One of them had a cute Rilakkuma keychain holder. Can you find it in the photograph?

Is Rilakkuma wearing pants or a nappy?

Is Rilakkuma wearing pants or a nappy?

Update: 24 May 2009. Here is a link to Rilakkuma products at J-List

9 thoughts on “Rilakkuma spotted at station”

  1. Numer0bis says:

    Kawaiiii desu :D. I really like that keychain holder. Would love to get one of those for the key for my new apartment. Is it possible to buy one of those online ?. Couldn't find it on jlist thought.

    1. whipcracker says:

      Here's a link I found for Rilakkuma merchandise, it might help.

      1. Shibuya246 says:

        Thx for finding this. very useful B)

    2. Shibuya246 says:

      I will try and find some good links in addition to the one below for where you can buy Rilakkuma products. I might make a page with some info for this. Thanks for the idea,

  2. Numer0bis says:


  3. Numer0bis says:

    found it : 🙂 kawaii desu

    1. Shibuya246 says:

      I also found some Rilakkuma goods at <a bitly="BITLY_PROCESSED" href="; target="_blank"><a href=”…” target=”_blank”>

      I will put up a list of links and many a list to some amazon Rilakkuma goods shortly 🙂

      until then, here are some I put together quickly

  4. sakuramaruu says:

    My answer: nappy! lol

    I collect bears, you know. Specially Build-A-Bear Workshop bears. I even have several of their Velvet Teddies. (

    SO I WANT A RILAKKUMA!!! (note to self: must check out those sites….)

    1. Shibuya246 says:

      Nice. Build a Bear is a good concept. You need to visit the Rilakkuma store at Tokyo station and go wild 😉

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