Conbini Monday Wk4

The local Lawson store

The local Lawson store

In this weekly convenience store series, Conbini Monday, we are going to have a look at the inside of the Lawson store near my house.

There is always plenty of choice on the shelves in the cold section, whether you want sandwiches, onigiri, pasta, obento, noodles or salads.

Plenty of choice here for lunch or dinner

Plenty of choice here for lunch or dinner

ready to go, hamburger, salmon and sukiyaki bento

ready to go, hamburger, salmon and sukiyaki bento

With the change in law a few years ago, convenience stores are now able to carry a line of vitamin health drinks. Most stores now have shelf area dedicated to a number of different brands and types of mixtures. Here you can see Oronomin C, Fibre Mini, Weider Jelly, Ribobitan D, Ukon no chikara amongst others. Also, Red Bull is in stock.

vitamin drinks and other potions

vitamin drinks and other potions

Most stores also have some sort of ready to go fried foods cabinet and or a niku-man cabinet.

Fried Foods

Fried Foods cabinet

Taking a close up you can see on the top shelf plenty of kara-age (fried chicken) (からあげ) in different flavors, as well on the bottom shelf from left to right, american dog (アメリカドッグ) fried okonomiyaki (揚げお好み焼き), tai-yaki (たい焼き) and custard pie (カスタードパイ). Watch out for that custard pie ;).img_2292-1

A convenience store generally carries a wide variety of goods from stationary items, cleaning materials, underwear, magazines, sweets, noodles, alcohol, soft drinks, vitamin drinks, fried food, bento and of course a good selection of breads.

The bread section. Toilet in the rear of store

The bread section. Toilet in the rear of store

Conbini Monday wouldn’t be totally finished without a quick look at the latest product I found on my last visit. This “protein water” drink came out a little while ago from Suntory, and is an attempt to reinvigorate their DAKARA line.

Do you remember the old DAKARA commercial

I liked DAKARA, which was introduce in 2000 to compete against Coca Cola’s Aquaruis and Otsuka Seiyaku’s Pocari Sweat. I thought it even tasted better than Pocari Sweat, but it seems to have been slipping recently. This drink called “Protein Water” carries the same logo “Life Partner” as DAKARA and Vitamin Water did.

The shape of the bottle is really interesting

The shape of the bottle is really interesting

Here is an interesting YouTube clip of Protein Water

20 thoughts on “Conbini Monday Wk4”

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  3. evirob says:

    I love Lawson. I grabbed breakfast there almost everyday when I visited Japan last month. The bread selection is great. I had a unique ‘pan’ daily.

    1. Shibuya246 says:

      Bkfst at Lawson. way to go! I used to grab a piece of bread or onigiri on the way to Uni. anpan is my favorite.

  4. princessrisi says:

    mmm i could go for some of the red karaage now

    1. Shibuya246 says:

      mmmm. great idea. I'll go and pick some up now.

  5. mister dingley doo says:

    I prefer 7-11.

    1. Shibuya246 says:

      7-11 coming up next week :p

  6. Numer0bis says:

    I like dakara and it is even available here in Switzerland. すごい です。 I have just been to chinese supermarket and bought some rice cakes. Love those

    1. Shibuya246 says:

      I like your picture. Looks great

  7. Numer0bis says:

    yeah sooo delicious - おいしいいい :P

  8. whipcracker says:

    Ohayo gozaimasu, another great conbini monday. I envy you with all those conbinis, all we have are 7-11's in my part of North Tx. Are all the conbinis in Japan chains or just local. the only time I got to try anything was when I went to Disney World and in the world showcase they have a Mitskoshi dept store made up and bought a can of milk coffee, it really tasted good.__Keep up all the great articles.__ja mata ne

  9. whipcracker says:

    One more thing i forgot to mention, noy being picky did you mean red bull instesd of ref bull?lol

    1. Shibuya246 says:

      Definately meant to be Red Bull. What were my fingers thinking. Maybe I should have had a Red Bull before I wrote the post 😉

  10. Jill says:

    is calpis still popular in the conbinis?

  11. Shibuya246 says:

    Thanks and also thank you for your kind comments on the JapanSoc Forum site ( Much Appreciated 🙂 I think most of the main brand conbini's are chains. AMPM was being bought out by Lawson a while back. There are quite a few smaller stores and a few chains that are local rather than nationwide.

    There is a really posh conbini at the Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel in Maihama. I might have to grab a few photos and show you them. またね

  12. Shibuya246 says:

    Straight calpis is not as prominent now, but there are some premium calpis products on the market at the moment. One of those might get a feature in the weeks ahead at Conbini Monday B)

  13. Tristan says:

    Loved Lawson’s when I was there…actually one of the reasons why I want to return to Japan!
    Loved the obento and the pastries!!

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