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Conbini Monday Wk3

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Pudding Jake
Pudding Shake
Following up the Spo-Vege drink from last week, I thought we would stay with the drinks and take a look at this interesting find that i saw sitting on the shelves last night.

It is called Pudding Jake Shake, a drinkable version of caramel pudding made with Hokkaido cream. It seemed quite a solid mixture after having been in the refrigerator but if you shake it up 5 times as directed on the cap it becomes more of a liquid.


Pudding JakeShake can be found at http://www.pokka.co.jp/pudding/ It retails for YEN 180.

I don’t think I would be a regular drinker of Pudding JakeShake, but it was good to try it.

As with many products in Japan recently it has the 3D bar code mark on it so that mobile phones can easily scan the product and jump to a related website.

Bar code for mobiles
Bar code for mobiles

I picked this Pudding up at my local ampm

Update: Thanks to topaz for the correction on the naming of Pudding Shake – May 11, 2009

  1. Shibuya246 says

    [polldaddy 1610459 http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/1610459/ polldaddy]

  2. Prometheus says

    My fave konbini is 7 11 šŸ˜›

    Also I only like the purin that doesnt have the caramel liquid thingy..

    1. Shibuya246 says

      I like the bread at 7 11, unless I am going to Andersen and then the convenience stores just cant compete

  3. topaz says

    I'm a sucker for pudding. I'm going to give it a try! (I think the romanization might be "Shake", not "Jake", though)

    1. Shibuya246 says

      Thanks. You are right. It is Purin shake not Jake. My eyes let me down. I think I might write to them and suggest the name Purin Jake though šŸ™‚ thanks for spotting that

  4. Ryan says

    I agree, 'Jake' sounds tonnes better! Not being the greatest fan of caramel I knew I wouldn't like this from the start. I've tried it once before and it's pretty darn horrendous if I'm honest; not wanting to put anybody off, of course..

    1. Shibuya246 says

      The non-alcoholic beer I tried the other day tasted better than the Purin :p

  5. Billy says

    I haven't tried this one yet… but it looks like I will soon. I wonder how much money I spend on vending machine and conbini drinks per year?!

  6. Shibuya246 says

    Good luck. Let me know what you think of it.

  7. Mark says

    I vote for: Puddin' Jake. There could also be a Puddin' Jake character. He'd wear a cowboy hat, and his holster would each hold a Puddin' Jake can. He could also be shooting at a can in the air, and that can would have holes and squirt puddin' down into the mouths of people, who are wearing berets.

    1. Shibuya246 says

      Thanks Mark. Pudding Jake as you described him would sell a lot of Purin. I think Pokka should seize the moment and introduce Puddin' Jake. B)

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