Rilakkuma really enjoyed these cookies

Convenience Store Escape

Its a slow day in Tokyo, but the pace of change at the convenience stores is fast. Every time I visit there are new products on the shelf and the old ones seem to disappear before you have a chance to try them.

Today’s selection is a product by Nabisco who have put out some Granola Cookies, one with mixed fruits and the other with chocolate almonds. Very tasty and a little more healthier than the regular cookies. The main contents are clearly displayed on the front of the package showing, Flour, Brown Rice, Corn, Beans and Oats. They are also said to contain 10 types of vitamin and iron.

Rilakkuma really enjoyed these cookies
Rilakkuma really enjoyed these cookies

The other product is a new package from Kanro for the Gummy product Pure. I blogged about this candy earlier in the year and it looks like they are selling well. I bought all three flavours of Orange, Grape and Lemon. These are very tasty candy that can be quite addictive. Again, note the prominent advertising of Vitamin C. Hard to now whether people buy products because they see this, but I doubt the small amount of Vitamin C in these candy can really benefit you.


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  • I feel you on that one. Everytime I go to the konbini there is a new KitKat or a new flavour of something. But everything is limited edition and just disappears. Can be annoying when you get hooked on something, wake up midnight craving for it, go to the shop only to find out it is gone forever :'(

    Ill try the cookies you posted at lunch time though.

  • I checked out the picture of the grains, corn and oats on those bikkie packets – I didnt know that biscuits were so healthy – roll on coffee time! Perhaps, I dont need to peel the potatoes or carrots for dinner.
    I knew that someone could make family mealtimes and life easier – thank you Nabisco.

    • I wish it were that easy, particularly when most of my grocery shopping is done at the convenience store. At least with the great marketing message I can feel better about what I eat.

  • Thanks Prometheus. I think the convenience stores are turning into research stores, checking out which foods will be popular and then changing out for new foods. I posted about chocolate rice crackers a while ago and I can't find them anyway now. I really want to buy them again.

    Let me know what you thought of the cookies.